The Art of Mail

20 Mar

I thought I would take a break from writing about writing and post pictures revolving around my hobby instead.

My Mailbox

Handmade envelopes and friendship books

Samples of my current postcard stash
(sorry about the glare… and the weird gap)


A few favorite Postcrossing postcards

A few pictures from the SKuirrels’ adventures

Some appropriate honorable mentions

I didn’t have the felt, so using paper and markers I still made the baby gnome from the kit my pen pal Kimberlee sent me for my birthday earlier this month:Baby Gnome

Somewhere in the middle of 2012 I started sending each page of this 12-piece-poster to my pen pals for each of them to color. It has yet to be finished (and I doubt it ever will), but it still is cool enough to share here:Untitled, Unfinished

Yours Truly



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    […] most proud of are 26 Letters, Jekyll & Hyde, and Logan’s Log, though the fact my Art of Mail and Postcrossing blogs got 50+ views when they were posted makes me pretty proud, […]

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