26 Letters- Birthday Edition

5 Mar

Guess who just turned 26? Yours truly! Much like the blog I posted in October, I decided I would use the letters of the alphabet to document my birthday and share some other pen pal related updates and miscellaneous factoids along the way, all the more appropriate now that the number of letters there are is the number of years I am old now.

My birthday was a good one, Gabe saw to that while my in-laws watched Logan for us. Gabe and I went to the Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe to pick up my peanut butter cutie cake after lunch at Hooters and before pottery painting at Ward Studio and Painterly Pottery. In lieu of brown paper packages tied up with strings, my husband told me to pick out some of my own favorite things. I ordered a few sets of novelty postcards  and picked up some new art supplies.

My mother has a blog of her own, Container Chronicles, and the blog she’s posting today is about her favorite daughter… so what if I’m her only one? Check it out to see some memories of me she has collected over the past 26 years in the container that is her mind.

Although my dad didn’t send me postcards along with his card like he did with Logan’s and with our Christmas goodies, he did tell me he will be looking for Oregon and Washington state ones when he visits his sister Ruth and my Uncle Randy in Seattle later this month.

In addition to trying to use up a lot of paper through my “stationery of the month” gimmick, I’ve been trying to part with a lot of my novelty envelopes as well, though several of them work really well when I want to enclose sheets of stickers. Like I told a pen pal of mine recently, I enjoy playing Willy Wonka from time to time, hehe.

About 80 of my Facebook friends wished that my birthday was a happy one and 6 people were nice enough to send me cards.

Remember MySpace? I used to post random blogs on there all the time, one of them involving my conspiracy theory about gnomes stealing my pizza rolls. Why am I bringing this up? Well, first of all I find it funny, and second of all I have liked gnomes bunches ever since. This is why my husband bought me a leprechaun gnome and address labels with a cute little gnome on them as well, and why my pen pal Kimberlee sent me a kit to make several little “enticingly eccentric” gnomes. Thanks guys! Note: Gabe painted a gnome at Painterly Pottery as well, hehe.

I was hoping H would be for haircut but I have yet to get one so we shall use Horton Hears a Who instead since that is what the boys and I watched the night of my birthday. The Lorax is better, even Logan thinks so.

I’m pretty sure I went all age 25 without an alcoholic beverage, at least until the last day. Gabe and I decided we would get the supplies to make the jello shots I’ve been wanting to try for a while now (lemon jello with tropical island pucker) as well as some Irish cream, known as Baileys, to stir into some hot cocoa. Though I wasn’t a fan of the second concoction, the first one turned out really good. I may have had a couple the morning of my birthday 😛

When I was a junior in high school this girl (who couldn’t get enough of English friendly classes) took Journalism. The thing I remember the most about the class is not the articles I wrote but talking with Lynnette. Since RHS we would make small talk when she’d come into Subway, but once I quit our small talk dwindled down to catching up on Facebook when our birthdays rolled around. Well, as of  February 7th, Lynnette’s birthday, I now have another pen pal since we both want to talk more than just a couple times a year. *Throws confetti*

I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen, and by “back into” I mean watch obsessively and by “kitchen” I mean Hell’s Kitchen. March 12th can’t come soon enough. In the meantime Glee is coming back from its silly three week break this week and I’ll have other new shows to watch as well.

I woke up on March 1st rather bummed about the possibility of not seeing the Loganator on my birthday because of the plans I mentioned via the letter B. Luckily Gabe decided to leave work a couple hours early so we would be done pottery painting and whatnot in time to pick up our little guy from my in-laws’. Shout out to Kevin and Sue for the ongoing gift of free babysitting.

The birthday girl with two cuties :-)

The birthday girl with two cuties 🙂

In September I had a raffle in my pen pal group on Facebook (September Sweeps) where I entered people into a drawing whenever they participated in a few of the games &/or sent me letters. 6 months later I decided to do it again and this time I’m calling it March Madness. The drawing is to happen on March 30th.

Not long after September Sweeps was over, my friend Nicole and I decided to start something new- on the 8th of every month we would send each other a postcard for kicks and giggles. We chose the 8th because it’s the halfway mark between the 1st and 16th- our birthdays. Below is a  picture of the five postcards I have now received from the state of NebraskaNebraska Postcards

In a few days the movie “Oz: the Great and Powerful” will be coming out and I intend to see it the following weekend for I love the wonderful land of Oz almost as much as I love Wonderland. Shout out to the great Nicole for the Wizard of Oz journal, a card to match, and some funny Big Bang Theory merchandise, too.

It has now been 133 days since I joined postcrossing.com and in those 133 days I have sent 45 postcards and received 40. It feels like I send more postcards to Germany than anything and like I mostly get them from The Netherlands, but I still enjoy it regardless. If you don’t know what postcrossing is and missed my blog about it you can check it out here.

Another year older means another coupon from Qdoba for my birthday. If only Chipotle would come to a city near me, now THAT would be an awesome gift!

A resolution of mine was to try a new recipe every month and we have now tried two novelty pizzas- BBQ chicken and taco- and a crock-pot recipe for lasagna. Both of the pizzas we tried in January were good but could have been better. Gabe and I said how we’d change this or that we’d add that next time, but there has yet to actually be a next time. The lasagna turned out a lot better in my opinion and I intend to make it again the next time I/we are in the mood for lasagna, this time without making the sauce the day before. For March I think we shall try out a breakfast casserole considering this birthday girl and her two boys are fans of having breakfast for dinner.

I have known that I wanted to go pottery painting for my birthday for a while now and for the past month or so I was pretty sure I was going to do a bowl and try the splatter paint technique since I always thought the splattered projects on display looked really awesome. Four words: EASIER SAID THAN DONE! I thought I could wave the brush like a fairy godmother waves her wand but I wound up with some bibbity bobbity blobs. It wasn’t until I started flicking the bristles of the brush with my finger that I got the look I was looking for, resulting in my hands looking as splattered as the bowl. We have yet to get our finished projects so if you want to see it you’ll have to imagine a black bowl with a neon blue rim with other neon colors splashed all over the outside.

10 days from now I was hoping to post “Tomfoolery Part II” because that was when Nicole was hoping to visit in honor of our March birthdays. I will still post the sequel to Tomfoolery at some point this year since she still intends to come see us, and when I do you can expect to see our attempts at duct tape projects, read about her reaction to the world’s largest Christmas store, and witness other blog worthy tomfoolery we were finally fortunate enough to experience together.

This time two months ago I was beyond excited about my SKuirrels project and though a few people shared my enthusiasm at first, my prediction is that in another two months I will probably have forgotten all about the critter. It may not be the hit I was hoping for, but I thought it at least deserved a little update.

I know I wrote about Valentine’s Day some the day after the fact, but that was before Gabe and I got the chance to add to our landmark hoodies. The sweatshirts are an arts and crafts project we started on Valentine’s Day 2010 and we have added to them every year since as well as when some special occasions rolled around like our engagement. Our next addition will be on or around July 30th, our 3rd wedding anniversary. Here are a few landmarks of mine so far:

Not that this present was from my birthday, but isn’t this the prettiest wrapping paper ever?

Random note: There's a mailbox in there :-P

Random note: There’s a mailbox in there 😛

I’m happy to report that it has now been 6 years since I’ve needed any x-rays. Maybe there’s truth to that “older and wiser” thing…

Yesterday I launched a second blog by the name of AlphaBits. This blog is documenting the Logan friendly project I wanted to start as a way to encourage my 2-year-old to learn his ABCs. Our 1st weekend included some “Alice” movies, apple juice, and a little aggravation. Check it out for more details 🙂

With any luck my AlphaBits project will end with a trip to the zoo in Toledo, but if it doesn’t work out that particular weekend Gabe and I still intend to take Logan before Labor Day. Why the Toledo Zoo? Because my pen pal Kära lives near there and is constantly telling me about the zoo, including how she could get us in for free. A resolution of mine was to meet at least one pen pal this year and I’m so excited that I will be meeting her. I’ll be sure to blog about it and now this blog is complete! Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

5 Responses to “26 Letters- Birthday Edition”

  1. nicole 03/06/2013 at 1:33 pm #

    hello kit and also kat! I loved the referece to the sound of music, and thanks for the shout outs! thank the heavens its nearly time for hell…s kitchen! Love ya! Glad your birthday was a good one 🙂


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