Saturdays, Oy Vey!

25 Feb

It has recently been announced that come August mail will no longer be delivered on Saturdays with the exception of packages. Yeah, I’m already in mourning. There’s already no mail on Sundays and days like Christmas and Presidents’ Day so when you throw in an additional 52 days without it that’s like 114 out of 365 days that I’m not getting letters- not cool! Here is one of the articles that graced my Facebook page a few weeks back if you’re curious. <~~

I get why the USPS made this decision and if I were them I probably would have come to that conclusion too, but since I’m not one of them I think it’s just plain awful! I am one of the 3 out of the 10 Americans who don’t support a weekend without any mail. As for a few of my other pen pals, this is what they think about the change:

“I’m actually okay with it. It sucks that we won’t get letters and stuff that often but we still get packages and I order a ton of stuff!” – Justine. (Way to find a silver lining!)

“I do not like it. I love getting mail. I thought not getting mail on Sunday was bad enough” – Kimberlee. (Amen!)

“It sucks that we’ll no longer get mail on Saturdays, but at the same time I’m just grateful we’ll still be getting mail at all.” – Casey. (Valid point!)

And now, a moment of nostalgia… As a kid I loved Saturdays and waking up to watch cartoons for as long as ABC &/or Fox would air them, but since then I think I took Saturdays for granted. At some point they stopped being part of the weekend, a 2-day vacation from life, but just another day of the week. Although the day itself isn’t going anywhere, it’s disappointing that one of the few redeemable qualities about Saturdays is. When August rolls around I imagine I’m going to be even more upset than I have been since the announcement. As my own little protest, this will be my last blog until March 5th. After all, there’s no such thing as February 30th 😛

See you next month!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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