Random Fun, 10-1

20 Feb
Yours truly, several years back

Yours truly, several years back

I keep my letters in binders and every so often when I add new ones I find myself pouring through the old. As I read through a few old letters from my friend Nicole I saw she did this random countdown thingamabobber and that inspired me to do the same here. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed filling it out, finding places for pen pal friendly things along the way. If you’d like to indulge in your own 10-1 please include a link to this blog, thanks!

10 TV shows/ movies I can watch over and over without ever getting bored:

The Big Bang Theory                   Man of the House
American Horror Story              Tim Burton movies
Phineas & Ferb                                Rocky Horror Picture Show
Glee                                                      Beauty & the Beast
Veronica Mars                                 The Princess & the Frog

9 “coping skills”:

  1. I’m sure this comes as a surprise to no one, but I write pen pals and vent about whatever’s plaguing me.
  2. I almost always text Nicole as well, she’s both sympathetic and supportive.
  3. Hang out with Gabe &/or Logan, they’re the best distractions ever.
  4. Not that I particularly like this option, but I clean. It’s nice to feel like you have control over something.
  5. Nap.
  6. If there are no letters to write I find another writing project whether it’s blogging or something else.
  7. Watch movies &/or TV favorites. I have currently been rewatching Dawson’s Creek.
  8. If #7 doesn’t do the trick, I try Jerry Springer and court TV to make me feel better about myself, haha.
  9. Get crafty! Writing’s my number 1 outlet, but sometimes it’s nice to take some scissors to paper and have at it.

8 things that annoy me:

  1. Winter weather.
  2. Wildblue Communications, our internet service provider.
  3. When an unknown number calls several times a day yet never leaves a message.
  4. When a pen pal uses a new sheet of paper just to say goodbye.
  5. When someone takes a shower without asking if anyone needs the bathroom first.
  6. Going to a restaurant only to find out it’s not open.
  7. Finally getting somewhat ahead in the finances department only for some new expense to come along.
  8. Logan spitting.

7 favorite things about yourself:

  1. First of all, I make really cute babies.
  2. I’m a good friend to those who are good to me.
  3. I’m low maintenance and easy to please.
  4. My sense of humor.
  5. My writing style.
  6. My creativity.
  7. Not only did I make a cute baby, he’s funny, smart, and creative too 🙂

6 things you’d like to improve about yourself:

  1. I’m sure most people say this, but I’d like to be thinner.
  2. I suppose I could also be more active while I’m at it.
  3. I’d like to be a better mom.
  4. I’d like to be more organized.
  5. I’d like to be a better cook.
  6. And I should probably stop biting my nails, too.

5 non-negotiable qualities in a friend:

  1. They have to give and take, not just the latter.
  2. I imagine “trust” is a cliche answer, but it has become one for a reason.
  3. I don’t think I could take someone all that seriously if they don’t spell well.
  4. It’s always cool to have a TV show or two in common.
  5. And they should like occasional mail, hehe.

4 favorite quotes:

“Don’t wish, don’t start. Wishing only wounds the heart.”

“I’m Not That Girl”- Wicked

“Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up, these are the best days of our lives.”

“In This Diary”- The Ataris

“Every new beginning comes from some other’s beginning’s end.”

“Closing Time”- Semisonic

“Keep moving forward.”

Meet the Robinsons

3 of your favorite characters:

2 most impacting events in your life last year:

1) Moving to Fairgrove was definitely a big change for me. I used to think town’s couldn’t get any smaller than the one I grew up in, but the town Logan is growing up in has proved me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fairgrove, especially since Gabe works close by and my in-laws are a 5 minute drive away, but there’s next to nothing for me to do around here which has a lot to do with me 2) creating his blog and my pen pal group on Facebook, too. I admit it’s rather pathetic for me to consider Sincerely Kate an impacting event but this blog has meant a lot to me and continues to mean more all the time.

1 item you’ve had since you were a child: Christa

My maternal grandparents gave me this doll, Christa, when I wasn’t much bigger than it from what I’ve heard. I had about as many dolls as Logan has spoons but this is the one that was worth keeping over all these years. When I got her out to get the picture Logan wanted to play with her, so clearly she’s here to stay.

Well, that’s all for now, folks! Now it’s your turn to have some random fun. Dasvidania!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


2 Responses to “Random Fun, 10-1”

  1. Deborah 02/20/2013 at 8:21 am #

    It’s great seeing that picture again! I still smile whenever I see it! OK, sometimes, I actually laugh softly. 🙂 Nice post!

  2. nicole 02/21/2013 at 4:27 pm #

    You already know that I love you, this blog, and all 3 of your favorite characters… no harm saying it again, though! Great post, kate!

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