Love Letters

15 Feb

I am so not a history buff (not even close!), but one thing I do know is that Valentine’s Day was not invented by the greeting card companies… they just have made a bundle off of it. Every year I buy a box of cards like the ones you expect 2nd graders to exchange in class to enclose with my letters. As much as I love the Phineas & Ferb cards I picked out, what I’d really love is to stop hearing as much negative talk about this Hallmark historical holiday even though it’s over now.

The story I’m familiar with involves a letter from the man the day is named after to a woman he found worthing of the signature “From your Valentine”, but I’m not sure if it’s historically accurate. Though I’m unsure of the original story of St. Valentine’s Day, this website shares several potential origins, none of which that include the CEO of a greeting card company coming up with an idea to win over his angry wife with a sappy card along with flowers and a box of candy and it catching on like wildfire. If you don’t like that you don’t have someone to dote on this one day a year, it’s no reason to protest Valentine’s Day, but an excuse to hang out with your single friends, watch chick flicks, and get your drink on. You’re welcome. From your Valentine.

Similar to the advice I just dispensed, Allison, my Facebook friend and loyal pen pal, posted this status that I couldn’t help but want to share:

I don’t understand all the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment. In third grade, the whole class made big envelopes out of paper plates and everyone brought in Valentine’s cards for everyone else, even that smelly kid in the back row. I feel like we got it right back then. It wasn’t about boyfriends and girlfriends; it was simply a day dedicated to expressing love. I’m inclined to think we need more of that, not less. Are you telling me you don’t love anyone because you’re single? The most meaningful Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received was from a friend. Or do you object to the Hallmark aspect? Get out some goddamn construction paper and make a card. Just tell someone you love them. Tell your best friend, your mother, that smelly kid who sits in the back row of class. Someone. And to everyone who says Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for women to demand expensive gifts and men to try to get laid by giving expensive gifts, guess what: you’re doing it wrong.

I knew I liked that girl.

I have had two valentines for three years now. Logan’s ongoing gift to me is finding new ways to make me laugh like the other day when Gabe was changing the light bulb in the hallway and Logan came running over to help, a case of batteries in one hand and a stick in the other. Gabe and I had an early Valentine’s Day celebration in Frankenmuth on the 10th while daddy’s little helper was at his grandparents’, and on the day itself we dined and played with our son.

So why the title “Love Letters”? Well, like Allison suggested, Valentine’s Day isn’t about the cards, flowers, candy, jewelry or any other material thing you could possibly get, but about letting the people you know you love them, and if you’re reading this blog of mine, I love you for that.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


One Response to “Love Letters”

  1. MHEART 02/16/2013 at 1:04 am #

    I couldn’t agree more Kate. I get super annoyed with the vday ignorance every year. It has been my favorite holiday since I was at least 7. I’m a lover from birth and I’m always gifting left and right on vday. It’s like my own little xmas. It is a plus that my mom’s middle name is Valentine. Lol 🙂 Great post…and I love Allison’s post.

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