Pen Pal of the Month- February

10 Feb

On February 4th I found myself in a predicament, I didn’t just get 1 letter but 3. I wondered whether I should pick Missie because we have met in person on several occasions, Jody because of how often I have got her letters for over four years now, or Kimberlee because she has a birthday this month. I decided it wouldn’t be fair of me to choose so I wrote each of their names on the back of my old business cards and drew this month’s winner- my 31-year-old pen pal from Ohio, Jody.retired

SK: How do you feel about being pen pal of the month? 

Jody: I’m speechless really. Honored too. I feel like I need to thank people like you see on award shows.

SK: When and why did you get into pen palling?

Jody: When I got into penpaling I was in middle school. I saw an ad in a Tiger Beat magazine asking $5 to get started in it. I thought why not, that one didn’t last long. Come to think about it that wasn’t a very smart idea, send in money and we’ll send your address to somebody who you don’t know. What was I thinking? Lol.

SK: What’s your favorite thing about pen palling?

Jody: Meeting new people that I wouldn’t get a chance to meet.

SK: What do you like best about having me as your pen pal?

Jody: Hmm.. the best thing about having you as a pen pal is that you got me into Glee and that we trade extra sheets of paper in each letter. Don’t even know how or why we got started doing it. It’s just cool.

SK: What’s your favorite thing about February? What are you looking forward to this month? 

Jody: It seems like it takes an extra month getting back to normal from the holidays. I’m looking forward to more new episodes of Glee this month before the hiatus again. They have too many of them which really gets old.

Like Jody, I too am looking forward to new episodes of Glee and getting head starts on her letters after I watch ’em. I hope all my pen pals and readers have a happy Valentine’s Day and that you’ll tune in again on the 15th!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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