Tis the Season

25 Dec


Number of Hot Cocoas consumed: 2. We’re slacking!

Number of times the cat(s) knocked over our tree since putting it up on the 22nd: 2. But “slacking” is not the word I’d use here…

Number of cards received: 20 (8 were from pen pals). Despite buying a box of 32 cards I sent less than 10.

Number of packages sent to pen pals: 7. 8 if you count Nicole’s. These included penguin pens, Christmas character keychains, and mailmen rubber ducks, hehe.

Number of days until my next blog: 5. Hope to see you then!

 Originally this blog was going to end here and be called “Merry Christmas” -it’s Christmas day after all and I know I’m not the only person with a little one to spoil. But! As you read on you’ll see why that changed…

How to Survive a 30 Hour Power Outage.
Kate and Gabe Style.

Step One: Act as normal as possible. My father-in-law was already planning on getting Logan so when he offered to get us both I stayed home so I could still go about my day instead of hanging out at my in-laws’ just because they have a generator. I picked up toys, swept, wrapped presents, and wrote for a while until Gabe came home from work.

Step Two: Sleep away the afternoon. In the hopes of waking up to power being restored we took a nap.

Step Three: Get supplies. Since the dark time was approaching my husband and I decided to brave the weather and head to the nearby city of Caro, charging my phone along the way. We gathered around the good stuff at Pizza Hut to acquire some warmth for our bellies and then stopped at WalMart (sorry, mom) for snacks, a battery-powered lantern, and batteries. Normally a trip to Caro takes us 20 minutes but on Friday it took us around 40- blech!

Step Four: Hibernate. We took all of our supplies into the bedroom and set up camp. We watched as much Despicable Me as our portable DVD player would let us as we cuddled all bundled.

Step Five: Sleep the night away. See 2nd step.

Step Six: Junk food for breakfast. I had a leftover piece of pizza and Gabe indulged in two cheese danishes, a handful of honey mustard pringles, and some beef jerky.

Step Seven: Assess the situation. Gabe discovered water in our basement (bah humbug!) so he spent the morning tending to that while I tried making the best of things upstairs, writing these steps down in a notebook since I thought they’d make a good addition to this blog. Yeah, things sucked at this point but they could have been a lot worse. Special thanks to my brother Erik who sent a big box our way, distracting me from the cold and the chaos, if only for a few minutes.

Step Eight: Get warm. My in-laws had to go to a funeral that afternoon so we went over to their house to hang out with Mr. Logan. Unfortunately their house wasn’t much warmer than ours, but Logan cuddled with me so most of me was pretty comfortable. It wasn’t long after they returned that the power also returned. Which brings us to:

Step Nine: Celebrate. It wasn’t easy and I don’t recommend it, but we made it through over 30 hours without power (9am or so Dec. 21st- 3pm on the 22nd) and celebrated by putting up our tree, listening to Christmas music, and putting our hats and gloves away- I wore both to bed the night before.

We all have wishlists and I hope you get something wonderful, but never take for granted what you already have since the only guarantee we have in life is that nothing is ever guaranteed. Enjoy this time with your family, friends, and presents. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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