Letter to Santa

20 Dec

Dear Santa,

Hi! How are you? I hope you and the Mrs. are doing well. You’ll be happy to know I’ve been very good this year and I’d be very grateful if the elves could tackle some of these gifts for me:

  • Address Labels
  • A Word-of-the-Day Calendar (if Gabe hasn’t beaten you to it…)
  • A Necklace (with Logan’s birthstone, perhaps?)
  • An Ultrabook
  • A Black Lab Puppy

But what I’d really love though is the ultimate pen pal friendly trip, as crazy as that sounds. The majority of my pen pals live in Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania so I’d love to go on a road trip with the boys (when the weather’s decent enough) where we meet them all, spending a few hours with each. We could go to the Toledo Zoo with Kära, join Kayla & Jeremy at Max & Erma’s, and so on and so on. I know this is a long shot, but that’s why they call it a wishlist, right?

Well Santa, I know you have lists to make that you got to check twice so take care and stay safe. Say hi to the reindeer for me!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Bonus- Kate’s favorite Christmas Song this year:
(Look out for the line right after about the Letter to Santa 😉 )


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