Jekyll and Hyde

5 Dec

Guess who saw Jekyll & Hyde at the Fisher Theater in Detroit on December 1st?

Us, that's who!

Us, that’s who!

Gabe and I left our humble abode Saturday morning in time to go to Chipotle and a couple other shops before the matinee performance- one store may have sold Detroit postcards, hehe. The show was pretty good, and this former American Idol fan was psyched to see season four’s Constantine Maroulis as the leading man, however as he sang I had a hard time understanding what he was singing (though the last notes were always fantastic!) and I couldn’t help but think “this is why Carrie Underwood beat you!” The actresses who portrayed Emma and Lucy did an amazing job, although I wish the arrangement of the song “Bring on the Men” wouldn’t have been rearranged- blech! Basically the show could have been better, but like I said before, it was still pretty good.  But this show blog must go on!

The day before the show I got the idea to do a Jekyll & Hyde friendly blog that keeps with my ongoing pen pal theme. I’m going to have an assortment of categories (e.g. stationery, delivery service, this blog itself) and write something I love about it as well as something that I don’t. Since I can’t color-code this, the things I love will follow the bold letter J (for Jekyll) and the things I don’t love shall follow, well, you get the idea.

My delivery service

  • J I’m sure this is an obvious one, but I love that mail’s delivered 6 days a week, even in tiny towns like mine.
  • I don’t like that instead of bringing packages to our door our mail carrier just sits in her car and honks.

My post office

  • There’s never a line 😛
  • Not only do they carry a small variety of stamps, they don’t have very many in general. They only had 4 $1.05 ones last time.

“Sincerely Kate” the blog

  • J 304 views so far- BOO YAH!
  • Someone promised to give a shout-out to this blog on their page and they have yet to do so, even after I gave them one without being asked.

My pen pal group (also called “Sincerely Kate”)

  • I just started three new games this month: 12 Days of Sincerely Kate, A Christmas Story, and The Four Letter Game.
  • Given how many pen pals of mine also enjoy photography, I thought The Picture Challenge would have been way more active.

Potential new pen pals

  • I have gotten a letter from 3 of these in November 🙂
  • Four words: It Rhymes with Witch. PS: I lost touch hope with those two girls.


  • Since my first postcard from Alaska I have received postcards from Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, Finland, and Oregon.
  • Three postcards in and someone gave me an incorrect ID number- it’s all remedied now but it was disheartening to have issues so early in.


  • As soon as the last few things I ordered arrive my Christmas shopping is DONE!
  • The second to last time I got anything from Oriental Trading they sent it to our previous address although I provided our new shipping information.

Christmas cards &/or mail

  • Logan and I have been making Christmas artwork to send to family along with cards and photos, hehe.
  • Gabe and some woman by the name of “Kathy” got an invitation to his fire department’s Christmas party. *Rolls eyes*

Mail Art

  • My pen pal Justine is constantly sending me homemade envelopes, inspiring me to try making my own soon 😉
  • H The Glee calendar pages I have won’t work. Bah humbug.


  • I have enough stationery to last me several years at least.
  • Less than 5% of my pen pal friendly paper is lined.


  • J Thanks to Nicole and a great Halloween package I have 3 Peanuts pens that I adore.
  • H Almost all the gel pens I have don’t work well after (and often during) one single letter.

Address Labels

  • Despite them calling me “Ms.” I recently got free labels from St. Jude’s.
  • H Prior to the whole moving to Fairgrove thing I ordered around 200 labels with super cute cartoon cats on them, only to use about 25 of them.

My binders

  • J Although I might have thrown letters away from most of my former pen pals, I love that at one point I had 6 binders full with another one well in progress.
  • H I hate the “not knowing” of what will become of these when I die; I don’t want anyone going through them but it’s not like I can do anything to stop them at that point. Morbid, I know.

I’m sure I could come up with more categories, but unfortunately the house hasn’t figured out how to clean itself so these 13 will have to do! While there may be things I don’t always love about this hobby of mine, I can’t help but love it anyway, much like how I can never stop loving the theater despite an imperfect performance this past weekend. And like the Jekyll and Hyde song says, “This is who I am, take me as I am.”

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


5 Responses to “Jekyll and Hyde”

  1. Nicole 12/05/2012 at 7:31 pm #

    I loooove that picture of you and Gabe! I totally laughed out loud at the fact that your post person sits in the car and honks, LOL! I could see how that’d be annoying, that’s rather ridiculous! I loved this blog, probably one of my favorites you’ve done so far. Very fun to read, my friend. I’m also glad you love the peanut friends, I still carry one in my purse even though halloween has long passed.

    • Nicole 12/05/2012 at 7:32 pm #

      the peanut pens, that is, I wish I carried a peanut friend around in my purse… snoopy would probably make my work days more tolerable!

      • Sincerely Kate 12/05/2012 at 9:12 pm #

        I may have to start referring to my pens as my friends- it’s rather appropriate for me 😀


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