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15 Nov

I never minded getting postcards in the mail and every once in a while I liked sending a batch out to my pen pals as well, but sometime over the past few months the switch flipped. Was it when my dad brought/sent me postcards from his cross country excursion? Perhaps. Was it when I started using postcards as prizes for rounds of trivia in my Facebook group? That’s a good possibility. Or was it when “The Art of Pixar” 100 piece set I ordered showed up? Well, I suppose that’s a what came first- the chicken or the egg? kind of thing. REGARDLESS! Somewhere along the line I fell in love with postcards and near the end of October I decided to give a whirl.

I was hesitant to join at first, but between Justine talking it up and Kära telling me 130 postcards later she never encountered any creepers, I felt a lot more willing to submit my address.

Here’s how it works, in 100 words or less: Newbies can request up to five addresses and an ID number will be provided with each to be written on each postcard. When the lucky recipient gets his/her postcard they will register it on the website using the ID number. The original person’s name and address will then be added as the next person in line to get a postcard from anyone, anywhere and they can send another postcard themselves. 71 words- woot! For more information check out (Sorry, I haven’t attempted to figure out links yet.)

Anyway, this newbie dived right in, requesting my first five addresses right away. I thought it’d be a little awkward writing English speaking people in Germany, Russia, China, Japan, and Poland, but by the time I said I was a married, stay-at-home mom who lived in a little Michigan town the postcards were already half filled. Each person had a little bit about themselves on their profiles, including things they’d like to know and postcards they’d like to see. When the Chinese guy showed an interest in cuisine I told him how much I loved Chinese food even though what they have is probably very different, and I told the girl in Japan that I didn’t have Simpsons postcards like she requested but would LOVE Where’s Waldo ones too, and that I hoped she liked the Finding Nemo one I sent her (courtesy of the Pixar set I mentioned earlier).

Below is my first batch of cards I sent via!

Random note: I sent Gabe to get $1.05 stamps for this endeavor but since the post office only had 4 he proceeded to buy them out of .85 and .20 ones as well (there weren’t more than 20 of either). My husband knows me so well!

On November 13th I received my first postcard through this website from a girl by the name of Maria *throws confetti*. She said,

Hi Kate! My name is Maria. I live in Alaska where I make coffee and help make mornings a little brighter. I’m currently traveling and will be for several months all over the southern United States and eventually Mexico (need me a little sunshine). I am 23, this is my 1st time traveling alone. This is also my 1st postcrossing postcard. Make life great, cause no one’s gonna do it for you. -Maria

May I just say how awesome it is that my first postcard from someone is the first postcard they sent? I’m looking forward to seeing what future postcards are in store for me! I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with all the postcards I get, but right now I’m leaning towards putting them on a wall in our basement if/when we finally get our family room turned into a room the family can actually go, lol. Wish us luck!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~