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It Rhymes with Witch

30 Oct

No, I’m not writing about a b*tch- at least not this time ;-). I am, however, going to vent about my newest pen pal pet peeve.

Something I’ve been experiencing quite a bit as of late is finding a potential new pen pal only to find out they already have dozens. This results in their letters being rather impersonal, usually asking questions I’ve already answered as if they can’t keep everyone straight.

You may be asking yourself, doesn’t Kate have like 20 pen pals? and yes, yes I do. Unlike the offenders I’m addressing though (no pun intended), I can tell you that Kimberly collects owls, snowflakes, and Sleeping Beauty things, that Kära would rather plan a trip to Disney World than her own wedding, and that Allison’s climbing up the Geico ladder and moonlighting as a pirate.

Perhaps these potential new pen pals know more about me than I give them credit for, but it’s frustrating waiting to hear back from someone who has a bunch of other someones waiting to hear back from her, only for her to spread herself thin. If anyone gets loving pen palling, it’s me, but come on!

I once offered a piece of advice to a friend and pen pal when she found herself with more pen pals than she knew what to do with, and now I’ll share it with you: Separate your pen pals into two groups, one being the group you love  corresponding with and the other being more filler if/when you have nothing better to do. Always write the people from the first group first, giving them your undivided attention, and when you’re caught up you can tackle the second group. Perhaps that’s not all that nice, but I believe pen palling should be about quality, not quantity. I’m Sincerely Kate and I approve this message.

And here’s what a couple of my loyal pen pals thought when I asked if they’d be bothered by someone having so many pen pals and therefore responding slowly:

“I wouldnt want to maintain the effort in getting to know someones life story and sharing mine if I knew I would only be hearing from them rarely.” -Nicole

“If their letters are rare, but long and personalized…then its worth it, imo. But, from my experience those with TONS of pals, tend to be less personalized, shorter, form letters, etc… and they confuse pals.” -Kära

It’s a comfort to know that I’m not the only one who would be annoyed by this experience. I recently messaged both of the girls I’ve encountered this problem with only for them both to blame their lack of stamps. I couldn’t help but think, you know you have too many pen pals when you can’t keep your stamps stocked. I’m happy to report that one of the young ladies has written me back since contacting her on Facebook (although she asked me about my kids and if you’re reading this I’m sure you’re aware I only have one), but I’m still waiting for the other to get some stamps.

In the meantime, I hope all my pen pals and followers have a happy Halloween!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~