26 Letters

10 Oct

I have now had some alphabetical fun with at least 5 pen pals. I wish I could take credit for the idea of letters revolving around the alphabet, but it was my awesome friend Nicole who inspired me to do so both in letters and here in SK– this entry is dedicated to her.

I may not enjoy it as much as pen palling but I have been having fun with this blog of mine even if it doesn’t look like it a mere 3 times a month. I’ve already been considering writing more per month, and if you have any topic ideas for me to consider for future blogs be sure to leave ’em in the comments below.

Recently a close friend of mine lost her father and I was unable to go to the funeral; Nicole suggested sending a card only to discover I don’t like sending cards. I don’t have a logical explanation, but between having to get to the store in a timely fashion and then pouring through cards that are either too sappy, too immature, or too expensive considering it’s just ink on card-stock, I just don’t see the appeal. It’s not that I won’t send cards or don’t like getting them, but when it comes to mail I’d rather send and receive letters.

Not too long ago I found Anastasia in a $5 bin at Wally World and now some of my pen pals have found me saying “Dasvidania” as I bid farewell. Why do I say this? Because it’s “goodbye” in Russian. And while I’m at it, “Konnichiwa” is “hello” in Japanese. You’re welcome 😉

In my very first entry (The Birth of a Pen Pal) I implied I was rather good when it comes to English and that’s why pen palling has been such a good fit for me… if only I could get paid for it! Before having my son, Logan, I was confident I wanted to be a play therapist, but that just seems too unrealistic now considering how much time and energy it requires. I already spend a lot of my time writing so I think it’s time for me to seriously consider a career in the English field.

Speaking of fields, in April the boys and I moved to Fairgrove, a town that’s more farmland than anything. I thought my hometown was so small that you’d miss it if you blinked, but in comparison Reese was a metropolis. I have appreciated pen palling so much more since moving here, that’s for sure.

In my Facebook group, also known as Sincerely Kate, I just introduced 3 new games for my pen pals and I to play. The first game’s all about movie quotes, the second revolves around pet peeves, and in the third game it’s up to the players to decide which statement out of 2 is a lie. They haven’t really taken off so far, but I think they might after a little while 🙂

It’s not a game in SK but I do have an idea for a drinking game for my pen pals if they’re interested. I seem to use variations of the word “hope” a lot- “I hope you and yours are doing well”/ “Hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later”/ “I’m hoping season 4 of Glee isn’t a disappointment” -You get the idea.  The game: sit down with one of my letters and the adult beverage of your choice and anytime you see me use any version of the word “hope” take a shot. Hopefully you’ll get a buzz in no time 😉

A few letters ago (alphabetically speaking) I asked if there were future blog topics you’d like to see. Well, here are some ideas of my own. First of all I’ll be addressing the Halloween goodies I’ve already started sending out, and closer to Thanksgiving I’ll be letting my current pen pals know how much they’re each appreciated. I’ll be writing about my very first pen pal as well as goals for the upcoming year.

By now almost all my pen pals should have this picture from our John Deere photo shoot, taken by Katelyn Revill, a former pen pal of mine.

Me and the Boys

The holidays are right around the corner which means I’ll be sending my loyal pen pals some random knick knacks soon via Oriental Trading- muahaha! Knick knacks from packages past include stationery, stickers, syringe pens, rockstar notebooks, little toys, and a variety of candy. I even had a pen pal who I sent festive socks to every holiday before.

I recently had a lost-in-the-mail scare. I usually hear from a certain pen pal of mine within days of sending her mail, but over a week went by since when she told me (via FB) her letter was on its way… from Ohio. On a Friday I decided I’d just start fresh with a new letter for her, but that following Monday was the day her letter finally showed up, the zip code misspelled. Let this be a lesson to you: always make sure you got the address right!

For as long as I can remember pen palling, “~!~” has always followed my name in my signature. I don’t really know where the mark came from, only that it was something I doodled in high school that stuck with me. When I first contemplated getting a tattoo, I thought of ~!~ but I was talked into my musical one. It may not be on my body, but it’s definitely a part of me anyway- my trademark, if you will.

*Throws confetti* We made it half way through the alphabet! Here’s what’s new with me and my family: We don’t see much of Gabe these days because fall harvest is among us, but Gabe likes what he does, especially since his job takes care of us. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Logan plays with tractors and trucks for a good portion of the day, too. He has taken a liking to the Toy Story movies, Woo-y (Woody) and Buh (Buzz) being the newest additions to his vocabulary. As for me, when not taking care of the guys in my life I’m usually picking up after them, and pen palling, of course.

My dad came to visit us in September and he brought me some leftover postcards he had. Well, on his way back to the Golden State he found a handful of postcards from Kansas, Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma and sent those to me as well. Thanks, dad!

Coming soon: A blog about a new pet peeve of mine. Lately I’ve had some bumps in the road when it comes to finding new pen pals that has been getting rather annoying. That’s all you get for now 😉

There are some questions I like asking pen pals, both new and old, but I think my favorite one is this: If your life was a movie, what would it be called and who would you want to play you? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments below!

Here are some more pictures of me and the leading men in my life, all taken by the amazing Katelyn Revill once upon a time:

I couldn’t ask for a better family- Gabe and Logan mean the world to me. Prior to getting pregnant I never saw myself as the stay-at-home-mom type, but now it’s hard seeing myself doing anything else. For those of you who are curious, my game plan is to go back to school once Logan’s going too. In the meantime I’ll keep writing blogs and letters to A) keep my skills in tact and B) give me a mommy outlet!

At the beginning of September I decided to add rounds of trivia to my Facebook group. Every Wednesday and Sunday evening I leave a question for my pen pals to answer (like “What does my mom teach?”) and the first person to guess correctly will win easy-to-send goodies like stickers, postcards, and Friendship Books. I started SK trivia on a whim and it ended up becoming a group favorite. Heads up, pen pals! My favorite fast food restaurant is Chipotle, Glee and The Big Bang Theory are my favorite shows, and I have three brothers unless you count my brother-in-law. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

It’s unbelievable that it’s October already; this year has just been flying by. It doesn’t seem like it’s been almost 7 months since Logan took his first steps or that we’ve been living in Fairgrove for half a year already. I’m sure next year is going to come and go just as fast…

There is one thing in 2013 I am really excited for. In March, this blog’s dedicatee is planning to visit me, Gabe, and Logan for at least 4 days- *throws confetti*. Despite knowing Nicole for 5+ years we haven’t met yet so I’m psyched that I get to meet her and that she’ll be meeting the guys I’ve been writing her about for years. It’s going to be amazing, maybe even blog worthy 😉

I may have a potential writing project. It’s nothing but scribbles in a notebook right now, but at least I have an idea for a novel, right? Does anyone know a mortician I can use as a reference?

I have yet to decide if I’m going to do this when the new year rolls around, but I’m thinking about xeroxing “About Me” sheets for each of my pen pals to fill out. As much as I love my OCD book, I think it could be a cute, fun way to keep track of addresses, favorite things, significant others, and who knows what else. I suppose I have a little while to decide.

If you’re still reading this, that’s really awesome of you. You know what else would be really awesome? If everyone knew the difference between your & you’re. “Your” implies ownership- your rock, your paper, your scissors. “You’re” are the words “you” and are” combined as in you’re invited and you’re welcome. And if you’re still confused, here is a visual aid for you to call your own. Pass it on. 

I hope you liked this blog as much as I like mail, gnomes, zebra print, and my friend Nicole.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

10 Responses to “26 Letters”

  1. Deborah 10/10/2012 at 10:46 am #

    I love how you got the YOUR and YOU’RE thing in there! Obviously I’m awesome, since I was still reading. Honorable mention to your “z” too. But all in all, lots of interesting stuff. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Susan Frank 10/10/2012 at 2:53 pm #

    0h, man, Kate, you are one heck of a writer! Just sayin’….friends of your folks are reading this….:-)
    Would you do a feature on “lie” and “lay” sometime?
    And do you want to hear more about Hebrew acrostic poetry? Yeah, sure right:-)
    Squeezies from Philly!

  3. nicole 10/10/2012 at 3:16 pm #

    I laughed out loud more than once! you really are a gifted writer, and im probably going to have to quote you now about the morticitian. perhaps ill do an abc entry in your notebook today! I cant wait til march either! I wonder what would happen if i tried out that drinking game.with a notebook hahaha! ❤


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