Postcards from Wonderland #4

20 Dec

You know what’s “curiouser and curiouser?” A young woman not only liking certain postcards so much she’s more excited about their arrival than the things she ordered, but her being so anal about these things that she waits until she has five to share ‘em. :-P

Previous batches: Postcards from Wonderland, More Postcards from Wonderland, and Postcards from Wonderland #3. If the title of this post wasn’t enough of an indication, here’s my latest batch!

I'm just mad about this postcard from a postcrosser in China.

I’m just mad about this postcard from a postcrosser in China.

A postcrosser from Iceland sent me this one.

A postcrosser from Iceland sent me this one.

An LEPeep named Nicole was wonderful enough to send me this one.

An LEPeep named Nicole was wonderful enough to send me this one.

This postcard appeared in my mailbox thanks to Viven, another LEPeep.

This postcard appeared in my mailbox thanks to Viven, another LEPeep.

My latest, courtesy of a postcrosser from Pennsylvania.

My latest, courtesy of a postcrosser from Pennsylvania.

I have recently gotten my hands on some blank postcards that I’d love to show off in a post like this, but that anal part of me feels like that would be cheating. That said, I’d like one volunteer from the US to agree to send ‘em back to me, one by one, as it’s convenient for them. I’m even willing to stamp and address the things. Why, I do believe I have gone mad, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Putting the Ass in Assumptions

15 Dec

I’m beating myself up a bit at the moment. I recently ordered a few things from three Etsy shops and was convinced I’d be showing the loot off today, only for none of the packages to arrive yet– Whoops! Tis the season, I guess!

So what to post about instead? Christmas wishlists? Or holiday plans? Eh, I have another post in the works for that stuff, not to mention a tea party planned for next Monday. Hmm.

I keep thinking about assumptions… Recently a pen friend told me how she was surprised she didn’t hear from me yet, and though she’s been the only person to say something, I know she hasn’t been the only person who didn’t get a timely response from me. Those who have been writing me consistently for a couple months or more, you see, know that I respond to letters about as soon as I get them, so if someone doesn’t hear from me as quickly as they normally do, then it IS safe to assume something has happened to one of our letters.

For blog fodder, I asked pen pals, both mine and people in the LEP, what assumptions they have made about this hobby prior to ever writing a letter, and here is what a handful of people were nice enough to confide for me/us:

I thought I’d always write back to everyone who wrote to me, and there would never be a reason not to.

I thought it would be easy to find time to write just one letter…I was a bit wrong. I should be a postcard pal.

It is a lot harder than I expected. Self doubt impacts even just casual writing.

That I wouldn’t get overwhelmed so easily and have no clue what to say!

I never thought I’d write to people who also write to my same pen pals. I’m actually bummed that isn’t the case.

I assumed that I’d hit it off with everyone I thought I’d hit it off with. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by A) being bored with penpals I assumed I’d have lots to write with and B) enjoying the letters of penpals I thought I’d have nothing in common with.

In my innocence, I thought that I would only hear back from a fraction of those to whom I sent an intro, then eventually only have one or two ongoing pen friendships, maybe. So far, wrong and wrong and I am more than okay with that.

I thought I would be prompt with replies. Yeah, not so much.

I thought I would keep it up for maybe 2 weeks and then get bored of it (as I often do with new hobbies, there aren’t many that stick) but a couple of months on I still want to write all the time and feel disappointed when I have no replies left to send.

My incorrect assumption was that nothing would get in the way of my writing.

As much as I would have liked to show you the goodies that are en route, if you assumed I found what I consider silver lining you’d be right. I actually wish I would have thought of THIS post sooner so I could have acquired even more assumptions, but there’s one more I’ll leave you with…

I was really optimistic about finding a pen pal from every state right off the bat, and that I’d have at least one piece of mail to respond to every day once I did.

That one was mine! Ciao!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Note: I’m not implying anyone is an ass, at least other than myself– I just couldn’t resist the title :-P


From the Desk of Mr. Logan

10 Dec

It makes sense that the more a little kid sees his mom or dad enjoying a hobby that he would express an interest in that hobby as well. Though Logan likes drawing in a notebook while he sees me writing in mine, I never considered finding a pen pal for him as he isn’t writing yet. Then one fine day, specifically two days ago, a woman posted something in the LEP group about how her three-year-old son was jealous of her mail, especially now that his big sister is getting into pen palling, too. I immediately thought of her Cole exchanging letters and postcards with the Loganator, and while I was making the arrangements, I also noticed another woman said her four-year-old son, Dylan, would like to receive some happy mail, too, so I contacted her as well.

Logan is SO EXCITED about getting mail, and yesterday morning I taught him his first lesson about pen palling: If you want to get mail, you have to send it! My dad recently sent us postcards from California that featured popular Disney characters and Logan picked out one for each of his new pen pals:

To Cole in New Jersey

To Cole in New Jersey

To Dylan in Texas

To Dylan in Texas

He only doodled on the backs of them a little bit, but I wrote a short note about where Logan got the postcards so Jocelyn and Cindy, the mothers, would have something to translate for their little guys. I think I may have Logan color pictures for them to send out next, and we’ll probably send little somethings for Christmas too.

In case you didn’t notice yet, it’s December. I may have an affinity for mail, but Christmas cards aren’t really my thing as they appear to be sent out of obligation more than genuine sentiment. Sending them has become a bit more fun for me now that I have a secretary to assist me with filling the suckers out, and, to be honest, I think people like my grandparents will get more of a kick out of Logan’s random drawing than of my enclosed message. As Logan finished his first batch of cards yesterday morning he said, “My work here is done.” He’s such a ham, but I love it.

It really excites me to know that Logan has been taking more and more interest in something I love doing so much. There’s no doubt in our minds that he’s going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a farmer (and volunteer firefighter), but if he deems my hobby even remotely worth his time too it must be something special.

Both Cole and Dylan’s moms have agreed to me sharing the boys’ mail to each other here in the likely event I want to show it (with no addresses, of course), so it’s something you may see in future posts, and something I hope Logan will look back on fondly.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

8 Dec

…So are the days of our lives. Only a few Miscellaneous Mondays are left until the year is over, and then they’ll go the way of the dinos. While we have a bit of time left, I thought I’d do one last Music Theme as they were a big reason for me to do these weekly posts in the first place. It’s especially appropriate, though, considering the current theme, according to the end of this post, is time. All of the songs below have had some sort of significance in my life at some point in time, so ignore the random order and just have a good time :-D

Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
“Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you.”

Around the Clock- The Rocket Summer
“Talking our way through March, hanging out always ’til this starts.”

Anytime- Kelly Clarkson
“Anytime you need love, baby, you’re in my heart.”

Unchained Melody- Glee Cast
“And time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much.”

(You’re) Timeless to Me- Hairspray Cast
“You’re like a stinky old cheese, babe, just getting riper with age.”

Time Warp- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast
“Time meant nothing, never would again.”

I had a good time putting this list together, and remembering the times when I loved these songs most– The Rocket Summer’s CD, for example, was the only thing I listened to the summer of 2005 aside from the Wicked soundtrack, and when Hairspray came out I saw it in theaters four times. In a way these songs are all about time, but they also take me back to some pretty awesome times in my life.

All the best, now and always.
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Snail Mail My Email

5 Dec

Something pretty awesome happened last month… Snail Mail My Email did their 4th annual week of turning ordinary emails into 7,000+ extraordinary letters. I thought about volunteering prior to this year’s event, but got the impression they didn’t need more volunteers at that time. However, once the project actually started they realized they were going to need more hands on deck and I immediately offered mine. Shocker, right? ;-)

Because I wasn’t one of the initial volunteers I didn’t send 10+ letters like others, but just these 7 things:

To France. Custom Option: Flower Petal, Roses, and Blue Butterflies.

To France. Custom Option: Flower Petal, Roses, and Blue Butterflies.

To Australia. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Australia. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Australia. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Australia. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Kentucky. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Kentucky. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Brasil. Custom Option: Lipstick Kiss. (I cheated-- I neither own lipstick nor felt comfortable transcribing a language I'm not fluent in :-P )

To Brasil. Custom Option: Lipstick Kiss. (I cheated– I neither own lipstick nor felt comfortable transcribing a language I’m not fluent in :-P )

To California. Custom Option: Doodle.

To California. Custom Option: Doodle.

To Montana. Custom Option: Flower Petal.

To Montana. Custom Option: Flower Petal.

I’m my own worst critic so I feel like some of the above could have been better, but I still believe they made/ they’ll make their recipients happier than an email would have so mission accomplished. Besides, I think it’s more important to have fun when it comes to snail mail than to make it perfect. As much as I like this whole concept, a few of the above– mainly the thank you note– likely would have meant so much more to the recipient if the person who did the typing did the writing instead. Yes, an email is more convenient these days, but that just makes the things you take the time to send that much more special. Not that I mind helping with that!

The one thing I would change about this project is making the “doodle” option a bit more specific. It would have been nice to know if someone would like flowers or animals or something else entirely. I’m not in your relationship, love letter writers, so I don’t know what would be the most meaningful, let alone appropriate. As much as I appreciate the creative license, I found that the projects I was the most excited to start working on were the ones where I was given a bit more direction.

My grievances– if you can call them that– aside, I love this project, would do it again in a heartbeat, and wish it happened for more than a week each year. That said, if there’s something mail-friendly I can ever assist you with, dear bleaders, don’t hesitate to ask!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. Check out #SnailMailMyEmail on Instagram for a plethora of awesome letters. :-)

Hail the Snail #13

1 Dec

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s December already. As of yesterday our tree and stockings are up as well as some lights outside, and my festive gnomes are now prominent on the entertainment center (though they’re always out, hehe). Oh, I bought some Christmas cards too, but I have yet to do anything with those.

The mail I have been tending to recently though is this:

I responded to these letters I received on Monday:


I basked in these postcards from my dad:


I made this envelope to enclose my response to Jody:


I refilled my folder full of stationery to use for Jody, including extra sheets for her:


And I was thankful the day after Thanksgiving that Allison gave me all this to respond to:


I also made the few projects I featured in yesterday’s post ;-)

Have a great week, and with any luck I’ll receive some more great mail!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Vari-Kate-ions: November

30 Nov

I didn’t do too many projects this month, but I did tackle a few more themes via Variation 1 so I thought I’d share them with you while I still have a bit of November left. The next five on the list were flowers, night, expectations, stars, and hold my hand. So why are there only three projects below? Well, I’m “expecting” to do something for Othella in December I recently told her about, and it made sense to merge night and stars together.

DSCF7557This looked much cooler in my head. I had a plethora of stamps to send to Othella so I thought I’d modify a notecard into one with flowers, and I wasn’t able to fit as much on here without using itty bitty pieces as I would have liked. I feel a little bad about sacrificing some stationery to make this, but hakuna matata.

DSCF7592Not to sound like a broken record, but I think this could have turned out better too. For example, I would have used scrapbook paper with darker blues for the background if I had it. Oh well, A) it beats the crayon drawing I did and B) it will make Emily smile and that’s what’s most important.

DSCF7600I had several ideas when it came to “Hold My Hand” like incorporating lyrics from “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” into my response to Allison’s letter, but with Thanksgiving a few days ago, tracing my hand to make a turkey seemed like the way to go. When she holds my letter in a few days she’ll be holding my hand, haha.

And now for a bit of bad news, next month’s Vari-Kate-ion post will be the last monthly one I do of these. I feel like the new year is the perfect opportunity to start doing something new with them. I mainly plan on using them solely for Allison and Othella where when I’m writing them I will incorporate whatever theme is next on the list. There will be exceptions of course, but it just makes sense to me as they have been the two people to be the most supportive and excited about these projects within a project. The posts about ‘em will come every time I have at least five to share. At least that’s the game plan.

And now I must bid you farewell. Best of luck with your own projects!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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