To Whom it May Concern

20 Aug

Hey guys! Between my blah mood last week and my brief paragraph regarding Logan’s potential health problem back on Monday I know I had some of you a bit worried. This pen paller decided to use the ever so popular salutation as my post title, and then tell you all what has been going on.

We recently decided to switch from the pediatrician we didn’t really care for to the family doctor I (mostly) grew up with. In addition to seeing Logan, my doctor was all for taking Gabe on as well– he has an appointment with her tomorrow, but she has already seen Logan twice. At Logan’s initial check up he was acting a bit uptight so “The Bach” tickled him, and while he did laugh, the tickling potentially caused certain things down below to retract when she checked his boy parts, so much so she couldn’t detect the right you-know-what.

“The Bach” had us come back last week in the hopes that he’d be more relaxed. The good news was that she felt the ball, the bad news was it was higher than it should have been and maybe even stuck up in the tubing. We were then referred to a pediatric surgeon as the worst case scenario, and reason for my blah mood, was that they might have to go in and manually drop the ball.

Yesterday was that consultation, and while it was confirmed that the ball is a bit high up, the surgeon didn’t see any reason to go in there to move it. THANK GOODNESS! I can’t tell you how relieved Gabe and I are. Not only do we not have the resources to cover what our insurance wouldn’t have, our 3.5-year-old son has already been through so much.

005In spite of the doctors up in his koolaid, the Loganator has been doing really well. He has been enjoying playing outside when the weather’s decent and watching Tangled and Jake & the Neverland Pirates when it’s not. He recently got to ride along in a semi-truck while his daddy hauled wheat and he’s already talking about going again when it’s the sugar beets’ turn. In the meantime, he plays with many a truck and tractor here and will likely show them all to Othella and “Papa Havasan” when they each visit next month.

Thanks to those of you who have been keeping Logan (and his parents!) in your thoughts and prayers, and as always thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


My Not-so-Mad Tea Party

18 Aug

I actually don’t care much for tea. Or coffee. What I do like? The “If we were having coffee” posts that have been popping up like coffee shops in the 90s. Nerd in the Brain does them as does my mother at Container Chronicles, and they got the idea from Part Time Monster. It’s my turn to tell you what I’d share if we were having coffee, or if you’re like me, something caramel flavored like a frappe.

The first thing I’d tell you is how excited I am for my pen pal Othella’s upcoming visit. Not only is she a caramel lover like me, she is from Michigan. Come Labor Day weekend she’s coming up from Oklahoma, with her best friend in tow, to visit friends and family up here and I am one of those friends! Othella and Amethyst, both fellow members of the League of Extraordinary Pen Pals, will be here sometime Sunday evening so we can do crafts and talk of many things. The following day we’re going to go to Frankenmuth where we’ll be meeting other Michigan members in the LEP, like my pen pal Kyleigh. More on this later, of course!

Speaking of pen pals, now seems like a good time to tell you that the majority of mine are interested in having their names as tags on this blog of mine. Sincerely Kate is going to be 2 in September so next month will be when I start tagging my pen pals, starting with Othella and Kyleigh for reasons I already mentioned.

With all the excitement going on, Vari-Kate-ions seem to have gone on the back burner; it’s August 18th and I have only done 3 out of the 8 I was hoping to accomplish this month. Originally I was going to put the project on hiatus until I got my groove back, but instead the game plan is to allow the few projects I don’t finish to roll into September without adding new ones to it and seeing if that helps.

I may not have done as many Vari-Kate-ions as I’d like, but I still have done some other mail art. Last week I was crazy enough to zentangle this envelope, but only the front. I’m no masochist.


And it is because I’m no masochist, or anything of the sort, that I was in such a blah mood when we spoke last. I still don’t want to go into too many details, but what I will tell you is that Logan and doctors are involved. He has yet another appointment tomorrow where we’ll get a definitive answer so keep your fingers crossed, please!

I’m still getting used to Robin Williams being gone. Normally I don’t get too bummed out over celebrity deaths, but his has been an exception. I guess it’s because someone who has made me smile and laugh for as long as I can remember could no longer find a reason to do either himself anymore. I put everything of his available via Netflix streaming in our queue so Gabe and I could have a marathon of sorts. So far we have watched Jumanji, Hook, Popeye, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

001Well, I think that’s all I have for you for now, but we’ll have to do this again sometime. Cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

PS: This is my favorite mug (with hot chocolate and salted caramel syrup inside). My mom’s friend saw me admiring it at Barnes & Noble so she bought it for me. Sue, your purchase has not been in vain!

The Diary of a Worm

15 Aug

For reasons I have no intention of sharing on Sincerely Kate, at least for now, I am in a very blah mood. So much so I don’t feel like writing much of a blog post today. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. For the record, I’m still looking forward to getting the mail and responding to someone should I hear from them.

The pictures you are about to see are of the books I recently found when organizing all of the books on Logan’s bookshelf, courtesy of some family members of mine.

I may not have been in the mood to write much of anything on here this time around, but regardless it sure does seem like that hobby was meant to be in my DNA, and maybe Logan will grow to love it, too.

More on Flat Stanley at a later date, but for now I shall leave you with this tidbit: my brother Doug has called me “Worm” since I was a teenager. Well, not so much since I had Logan, though it wouldn’t surprise me to hear I’m still programmed under that name in his phone. My apologies to him and my mother if they came to this post expecting to see something entirely different.

I’ll be much chattier next time, I promise!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Book Review: Gone Girl

11 Aug

One thing that I talk to quite a few of my pen pals about is books, and the book that came up in several pen pals’ letters recently is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I decided to look into it online after it came up for the third time, and not only did I like the plot I read, but I liked the fact that Ben Affleck was going to be playing the sociopathic husband in the movie due out this fall. Originally I put the book into my wishlist, but I soon decided that instead of letting the dust settle on yet another book on a proverbial shelf, I’d just ask Justine, one of my pen pals, if I could borrow her copy since she has loaned me a book of hers before.

I was immediately drawn to the writing style– Nick told the story as it unfolded, his wife not only went missing but all of the signs were pointed at him despite his efforts, and the diary Amy wrote filled in the gaps of the events that led up to her disappearance. Normally I like when a book sticks with one narrator, but the two sides is really what set this book apart. Neither of them is the victim they’d like to paint themselves as. If there’s one thing their animosity towards each other proves is that they’ve been perfect for each other. While neither of their actions is justified, you still find yourself feeling sympathy towards both of them and if you’re like me, you even found a spouse to root for (Team Amy). A woman has to really love you if instead of just divorcing you and leaving you with nothing, she devises a way– for over a year in advance– to get back at you for the hurt you did her. Especially in a way that will ruin you of anyone else but her. I mean, we’re talking faking a pregnancy by using someone else’s urine here in addition to the whole disappearing act. And if I’m rooting for her, Nick’s behavior must have been rather revolting as well.

I’m worried that my expectations for the upcoming movie are not going to live up to my expectations, but this trailer excites me.

I’d like to thank Justine for loaning me her book and the other pen pals who mentioned it so I’d ask her if I could borrow it. If we’re pen pals and you haven’t read this book, I definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy because not only do I think it’d be an intriguing read for each and every one of you, I’d love to have yet another thing to talk to you ladies about.

All right, this girl is gone. But just for a couple days ;-)
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Lady Allison’s Tarot Reading

10 Aug

Since not everyone is a psychic or can read tarot cards I’ll give you a bit of a back story. Gabe and I took the Loganator to the Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival back in June since “Pirate Invasion” was the theme one weekend. Between our little swashbuckler climbing aboard “his” pirate ship and finding an array of treasures, I didn’t have the opportunity to have a reading done. I did grab a flyer though because I thought my pen pal Allison would appreciate it.

Here are some excerpts from the letter that followed:

“I actually did a couple psychic faires with a Pagan group back in Iowa. I read tarot for them.”

“I was in Sanctuary and we hosted an event called ‘Tea and Tarot’ every month.”

“It works best in person, but I have occasionally done a reading per request over the phone and over Facebook.”

Know where this is going yet? ;-)

10406710_10152749050964180_7516608765359062186_nOn Wednesday morning Allison and I were both online so a tarot reading happened, but no tea. The right side was very family oriented– strong yet happy marriage but stress may try to mess that up. The cards also implied quite the male influence for some reason ;-) I found the left side much more interesting (and blog-friendly!) Here are more excerpts, this time from our conversation:

(Allison is the bold print, mine is the print you’re currently reading, and should I have any commentary that will be in italics.)

So first we’re looking at the left side, and I’m seeing you charging headfirst into something that gives you a lot of pleasure.

I’m assuming the LEP meet up coming up– I was just responding to a postcard from Othella where she thanked me for the work I was putting into it.

Leave it to me to assume something pleasurable for me is in regards to pen palling, at least in some form.

Could be. I’m seeing one particular female and one particular male influence on this thing. Not sure if that still makes sense for the LEP thing.

One of the people coming is male, so maybe? Or maybe it’s Gabe?

I really doubt Andronic would should up in a tarot reading of mine. It’d just be awkward if he did :-P 

Is Gabe helping you out with it, perhaps? But I’m getting a ton of excitement and expectations. I was originally thinking maybe this was more writing-related, like maybe with your blogging and wanting to do more career-wise with writing, which could have Gabe there backing you up. It just seems like it’s bigger than a one-time thing.

That’s a possibility. If not Gabe maybe my brother– Doug surprised me with a computer and kept hinting around to maybe trying online classes. So maybe he and my mom are up to something? She knew about the computer but didn’t say a word– they’ve known my POS was my main reason for not trying online classes already.

That actually really fits, because the Queen of Pentacles card you see in the left spread usually would denote a woman who is older than you, or in an authority position to you in some way. Here’s where it’s going, though: There are a million different dreams and possibilities, and not all of them can be realized, as is the nature of life. So you might have something coming up, like something plotted between your mom and brother, or something you have to start on your own that they will support, but it won’t go exactly where you are hoping. That is not to say it won’t go anywhere, though. I’m not reading any dead ends in this, just that the reality doesn’t wind up matching the dream when all is said and done.

Speaking of "when all's said and done"

Speaking of “when all’s said and done”

With the fall semester quickly approaching, I doubt I’ll be enrolling in any classes this time around as my school still knows me by my maiden name and I haven’t even looked into financial aid. I may not be working towards a degree at the moment, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for me to dive into… I just don’t know what that is yet. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what the cards have in store for me, and receiving more letters from Allison, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Postcards from Wonderland #3

5 Aug

Whenever I see something remotely related to Alice in Wonderland my smile is comparable to the Cheshire Cat’s. Though I appreciate every postcard I receive regardless of who and where they’re from, my favorites are the ones that found their way to me from down a rabbit hole. This side of the mushroom will take you to my first batch of postcards from Wonderland, and this side will take you to the second.

Here’s the third batch:

from Russia

Mary_Kitiara from Russia

A US postcrosser sent this to me just because :-)

A US postcrosser sent this to me just because :-)

An LEPster named Cat sent me this and Othella something similar...

An LEPster named Cat sent me this and Othella something similar…

Othella liked it so much she bought her own set and sent me this!

Othella liked it so much she bought her own set and sent me this!

from Poland

Kome-chan from Poland. She didn’t have an Alice-friendly card so she improvised on the back :-D

Melanie from the UK and I were paired in a postcard swap and this was definitely my highlight!

Melanie from the UK and I were paired in a postcard swap and this was definitely my highlight!

Looking forward to seeing what else will come through the looking glass!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail #8

4 Aug

It has been a little while since I shared my incoming mail with you so allow me to do so now…

There were three simultaneous days where I received an “extraordinary” postcard:


And prior to those, on Tuesday, I received this happy mail:


Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of Monday’s mail before opening it, but there were letters from Jody and Kari,  an ATC along with a little letter from a LEP member named Lisa, and Millie’s contribution to my deconstructed deco book project, shown below.


I have a few fun facts to share. The first is that in addition to getting a letter from Jody at the beginning of the week, my week ended with another from her. The second fun fact is a two-parter. Part 1: I found two people in the LEP who share my March 1st birthday. Part 2: One’s first name is Sarah and the other’s last name is Starr, and the very first LEP member I got a letter from is named Sarah Starr. Coincidences are fun.

And hopefully this week will have some (more) fun mail!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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